Helping Our Homeless

We don't give charity . . . .
we give dignity

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Starter Packs

When someone's been homeless, moving into a new tenancy is an expensive and stressful time.
Moray Fresh Start provides Starter Packs of basic household items for people who have been homeless and are getting a settled place to live.

Our clients don't have the resources to buy them and the Starter Packs help to get off to a good start and sustain the tenancy.

Cooking utensils in Starter Pack


Pillows duvet and towels in Starter Pack


Cleaning tools and chemicals in Starter Pack



870 people

In the last three years we have helped over 870 people in Moray to settle into their new homes, including over 300 children.

All ages

Starter Packs go to all sorts of people, ranging in age from mothers with new babies to people older than 75 years of age.

All Needs

Starter Packs go to people who have been homeless, and we have just started to offer items to those in need even though they are not homeless, but only if put forward by their Support Worker.

What Our Clients Say

We don't know the names or addresses of the people who get our Starter Packs, and they don't know us. We are very grateful for their feedback and you can read more on the "How We Help" page.

“It turned my new house into a home. It also made me feel as though someone cared and I wasn't alone and made the whole experience bearable. Thank you!”

"As well as these material benefits, perhaps the most valuable benefit has been the healthy effect of this pack on my morale. As the fact that people I don't know are going out of the way to support me helps to overcome the cynicism that can develop in my situation."

“They were exactly what I needed but wouldn't have thought of due to my state of mind. I had nothing after my ex threw me out so this had made my life more comfortable for me”.

People are very generous with donations of lightly-used items to go into our Starter Packs.

Download a list of what we can and cannot take.

Items we can accept